About Us

The concept for NC3 was birthed in 2018, as  a platform to sustain and increase momentum for communities with a goal of building resident ownership and leadership, community identity, strong community coalitions, effective partnerships and needed resources to respond to community needs.  


NC3 will serve as a vehicle to provide support, expertise, and services that enable communities to work with partners to build community, identify shared values, and enhance quality of life.  ​NC3 will serve community coalitions and neighborhood organizations (NC3 Affiliate Communities), located within the geographic boundaries of the State of North Carolina.


"In a gentle way, you can shake the world".

 - Mahatma Gandhi

Our Mission

The North Carolina Community of Coalitions' mission is to empower, enable and support community associations and organizations in their efforts to revitalize and improve the holistic quality of life for residents and others who work and participate in the daily life of “Affiliate NC3 Communities".


Our Values

NC3 is committed to supporting resident- led, long-term community development guided by strong community coalitions with committed and effective partners, clear goals that intend to build community, identify shared values, and develop activities that increase quality of life for all residents and partners.

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